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Chemical and physical factors influencing the dynamics of differentiation in embryonic stem cells

[ Vol. 10 , Issue. 6 ]


Saras Jyoti and Simran Tandon   Pages 477 - 491 ( 15 )


Differentiating embryonic stem cells into a specific lineage or cell type is one of the most investigated areas of stem cell research; however it is wrought with hurdles. The differentiation process during embryogenesis is greatly influenced by physiochemical factors. They direct key genes for lineage commitment, which in turn are responsible for patterning into highly organized tissues resulting in organ formation. In this review, we have focused on the influence of physiochemical factors on the differentiation process in embryonic stem cells, which mimics, embryogenesis in vivo.


Cell fate, differentiation, embryo-genesis, embryonic stem cells, specification.


Amity Directorate of Science and Innovation, Amity University,Sector 125 Noida, UP , India -201313.

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