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Phenotypic Alteration of Bone Marrow HSC and Microenvironmental Association in Experimentally Induced Leukemia

[ Vol. 5 , Issue. 4 ]


Pratima Basak, Sumanta Chatterjee, Madhurima Das, Prosun Das, Jacintha Archana Pereira, Ranjan Kumar Dutta, Malay Chaklader, Samaresh Chaudhuri and Sujata Law   Pages 379 - 386 ( 8 )


Leukemia, cellular phenotype, stem cell, stromal cell, bone marrow, blood cells, Hematopoiesis, life span, proliferation of hematopoietic stem cells, vascular network, mesenchymal stromal cell, extracelluar matrix, pluripotent HSCs, lymphoid, myeloid lineages, tyrosine kinase receptor, potent carcinogen, Ethylnitrosourea, strong DNA, alkylating agent, cytochemical analysis, dose rate, body weight, Hematological Analysis, vein puncture, reticulocytes, neutrophil counts, Isolation of Bone Marrow Cells, buffered saline, Cytochemical Staining, Flowcytometric Analysis, Bone Marrow Culture, blast cells, hyper-granular nature, Myeloperoxidase staining, spindle shaped stromal cell, cellular colonies, fibroblasts, carcinogenic agent, receptor, adhesion molecule, multipotent


Stem Cell Research and Application Unit, Department of Biochemistry and Medical Biotechnology, Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine, Calcutta-700073, India.

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