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Positive aspects, negative aspects and challenges associated with stem cell therapy for COVID - 19: A Mini-Review


Basavraj Nagoba*, Ajay Gavkare, Abhijit Rayate and Sachin Mumbre  


Like any other pandemic, the Covid-19 scenario has also demanded effective treatment options. The circumstances demand to utilize all the possible weapons in the armamentarium. There have been many issues regarding the short-term and long-term safety and efficacy of these options. Some options are like uncharted seas and these need a detailed and critical review with respect to safety, efficacy, feasibility and financial constraints. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) therapy has been studied for many years for its potential role in diseases with complex pathogenesis. Its efficacy in controlling cytokine imbalance and immuno-modulatory properties is well proven. These effects are being extensively studied for potential extension of the benefits for an effective option for management of COVID-19 patients with severe respiratory involvement. In this mini-review, an attempt has been made to review positive aspects, negative aspects, and challenges influencing MSCs therapy in the management of COVID-19 disease. The results of various studies and literature reviews show that MSCs therapy can be considered as one of the potential options.


COVID-19, mesenchymal stem cell therapy, positive aspects, negative aspects, challenges, SARS-CoV-2


Maharashtra Institute of Medical Sciences & Research (Medical College), Latur – 413531, Maharashtra Institute of Medical Sciences & Research (Medical College), Latur –413531, Maharashtra Institute of Medical Sciences & Research (Medical College), Latur –413531, Ashwini Rural Medical College, Solapur-413006, India & Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik

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